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A few months ago Live Spaces introduced a new feature which has allowed people to send messages via the blogs it hosts. Lots of people contact me in this way to ask me questions etc, and that’s fine – but at least 30% of messages I get I can’t reply to because of how the person sending the message has set up their Windows Live Profile. So, if you’d like to get in touch with me please email me direct (you can find my email address at instead! Peter, if you’re reading…
OK, after having received my latest message I can’t reply to, I’m just going to switch off this functionality. It’s a bit stupid of the Live Spaces team to let people send messages that can’t be replied to.

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    Well, the message option is not a answer machine itself. Users must decide which one they would like to answer. It is like to run off the "receive" option in your email account, just because you can\’t answer all of them.
    Best regards from Argentina and good luck turning it off.

  2. With Windows Live, it is really a problem. How does one add contact details from an email page? After filling all the necessary contact details, it then comes out with this reply, :"This instant messaging address is not valid for use with Windows Live
    Messenger. Please enter valid Microsoft Passport Network credentials." In the 1st place this add details should NOT be in the email page at all.James

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