PerformancePoint launches…

The press release is here:

…but there hardly seems to have been the kind of firestorm of enthusiasm I would have expected surrounding something like this. Perhaps I read the wrong blogs, perhaps everyone’s at PASS, perhaps everyone’s been playing with the CTPs so long it hardly seems news that it’s finally released.

3 thoughts on “PerformancePoint launches…

  1. I think this might be classic marketing double talk. The press release is talking about a "launch" not a "release". Although it can\’t be far off now.

  2. Thank you Chris for raising Interesting topic – very large volumes and
    how companies are creating the solutions to build distributed data
    engines.Sorting/Merging large volumes – MAp Reduce works for Google.Still lots of effort required to build custom solutions for collection, queueing and scheduling mechanisms to transport, aggregate, cleansed low latency (hourly at least) data that resides in remote (globally located) data centers.So far,upon my knowledge, neither ORacle nor SQL srvr are not able to \’deal\’ with distributed very large volumes of data that need to be collected, transported, aggregated and queried in real time or at least with 1 hour delay.Distributed file systems is the current \’direction\’ for storage rather than ORacle or SQL server dbs.Of course monitoring and execution/failover scheduling are another tasks on the plate.I have couple of links on my blog  under VLDB that might give some understanding of \’what am I  talking about\’http://biandmssql.spaces.live.com/

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