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Ashton Hobbs has just posted a very early version (ie it’s a bit buggy and Ashton is looking for feedback) of an MDX editor he’s working on that integrates with SQL Management Studio and adds some of the more obvious functionality that SQLMS is missing. You can read more about it here as well as download it:


Here are a few more details:

The Editor provides Intellisense, Snippets, and the grid supports any number of specified Axis.  I’ve only included one snippet initially for parallelperiod, but people can create their own (they’re stored in My Documents\My SSMS Snippets).  With ParallelPeriod snippet, I’ve added a custom snippet token tag called DateLevel which will pop down all levels from Date dimension for the cube.  You can invoke the parallelperiod snippet using its shortcut “pp” or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P to invoke snippet menu (although seems to work in some and not other SSMSs).  Ctrl+Tab will invoke the Intellisense drop down.  F5 executes a query.  The treeview also has tooltips on each of the nodes that provide more detailed info than standard SSMS.

There are several other items I want to add like additional snippets (if anyone wants to make any and share that would be great J), function intellisense, export options, and any other MDX thing that might be useful.

If anyone does try it out then I would be interested to hear your thoughts and whether it’s something people would use (if so, I’ll continue working on it), also if there any found bugs.

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