SQL2008 July CTP Released

You can get it from Connect, as always:


I’m not going to install this CTP because a) I’m about to go on holiday and b) there isn’t a VPC available yet, although one is coming in a few weeks.

What’s new in AS? Well, according to the docs nothing much – just an improvement to the time series algorithm in data mining. Is that it, I hear you cry? Well at the moment there are two possibilities as far as I can see: either the AS team have done their usual bad job of telling anyone what they’ve implemented, or given the new policy of only releasing finished code in the CTPs they’ve not released anything because it’s not finished. I was expecting to see some new features in this release (along the lines of what Vidas Matelis blogs about here: http://www.ssas-info.com/VidasMatelisBlog/28_ssas-2008-katmai-upcoming-changes-in-the-next-ctp) but I’ll find out what’s happened.

Some news on the RS front though:

Reporting Services – New Server and Designer

Improvements represent the two major infrastructure changes for Reporting Services. Reporting Services enhances the processing engine and rendering extensions to enable new functionality, such as Tablix support, and scalability as well as remove the dependency on IIS.  Additionally, new report designer and configuration tool are provided that improve usability and workflow for RS customers.

Oh, and if you’re one of the few people who’ve been using Notification Services – bad luck, it’s dead:


5.1 SQL Server Notification Services Removed from SQL Server 2008

SQL Server Notification Services will not be included as a component of SQL Server 2008, but will continue to be supported as part of the SQL Server 2005 product support life-cycle. Moving forward, support for key notification scenarios will be incorporated into SQL Server Reporting Services. Existing Reporting Services functionality, such as data driven subscriptions, addresses some of the notification requirements. Features to support additional notification scenarios may be expected in future releases.

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