Creating local cubes with AMO

Interesting nugget from the MSDN Forum, in a post by Adrian Dumitrascu: you can create local cubes in AMO. Here’s the text of the post:
AMO (Analysis Management Objects, the object model for administering AS2005, the successor for DSO from AS2000) also works with local cube files (.cub). You can use it to create/alter objects or to refresh the data by re-processing every night, as you mentioned.
Sample code to connect to a local cube file:

using Microsoft.AnalysisServices; // the .dll is in "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\SDK\Assemblies", also in GAC

Server server = new Server();
server.Connect(@"Data Source=c:\MyLocalCube.cub"); // this will create an empty local cube if not there already
… // do something, for example process cubes

Makes sense that you can do this, when you think about it, given that everything’s XMLA behind the scenes.

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  1. Hi Chris,It is a help full two lines of code. I developed an application that generates a cube on server programmatically. Previous version of my application was creating local cube using DSO. After switching to AMO I couldn\’t find a way to create a local cube. May be this will help. I didn\’t try this method yet. But I will inform you as soon.I really want to show you a video of my application. It is a combination of Linear Programming algorithms, AMO and ProClarity.Regards,Muti.Note: Please e-mail me on

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