Generating Excel 2007 workbooks linked to SSAS using SSRS and OfficeWriter

Here’s the second of my (paid-for) articles for the folks at Softartisans:

This time they wanted me to write something about using OfficeWriter with Analysis Services, and after a bit of thinking I came up with the idea of trying to generate Excel workbooks using OfficeWriter and Reporting Services that use the new Excel 2007 cube functions so that they have live links back to Analysis Services. After a lot of sweat I got it to work, and I have to thank Excel MVP Charley Kyd (the guy behind the Excel BI site for giving me the solution to the problem of OfficeWriter writing values to the cell Value rather than Formula property. Hopefully this is the sort of thing that could be made easier when/if OfficeWriter gets integrated with SSRS in Katmai.

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  1. Thanks for the info Chris, I was recently pinged by Softartisans to write a paid review of the new OfficeWriter 8 product. Just wanted to ask if you don’t mind what they pay for these articles and in your opinion is it something I should consider.


    • I’d rather not say what I was paid for the paper I wrote, and in any case it was a few years ago now. But I don’t think there’s any reason not to do it so long as you disclose that you were paid to write it. We all have to earn a living, after all…

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