Intelligencia OLAP Controls

Andrew Wiles announced yesterday the availability of a beta version of his new MDX query builder component, ‘Intelligencia OLAP Controls’:
I had a quick demo of it this morning and I was very impressed. It has some really quite clever ideas in it such as the spreadsheet-based calculation functionality, and while it doesn’t do absolutely everything I’d like (it is still a beta, after all) it does an awful lot and Andrew is very open to feedback for what needs to be added. If you’re interested in checking it out you can download it here:
The product is aimed at ISVs, in-house developers and consultants who want to incorporate MDX querying functionality in their own products. I’ll be blunt: the company that really should be looking at this, and perhaps licensing it for use in Katmai and/or future versions of Office, is Microsoft. The control’s Office 2007 look-and-feel gives a tantalising glimpse of what a power user would want to see in Excel when connecting to AS and it puts the Reporting Services MDX query builder to shame.

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