Last Night’s SQL Event in London

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who turned up to the combined SQL Server and SQL BI events in London last night. We had some great presentations from Reed Jacobson, Allan Mitchell and David Francis, beer, pizza, freebies… what more could you want? Thanks are also due to Simon Sabin and Tony Rogerson for doing the organising, Conchango for providing the rooms and Red-Gate for sponsorship. We’re thinking about doing another one in June, also in London (we’ll probably end up alternating between London and TVP) so if you’d like to present then let me know. Simon was also doing some experiments with Live Meeting so maybe we can start broadcasting these events to the world…

2 thoughts on “Last Night’s SQL Event in London

  1. What would be even better would be then to archive them for a little while.  I don\’t know if I could attend live since the broadcast would be during the day here in the states.
    Just a thought.

  2. Hi Mark
    If we use live meeting we can record the session and have it saved for offline viewing. The trial was ok last week but identified a few flaws we need to iron out.

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