Using the Create Cache statement

Another interesting article from the SQLCat team on using the Create Cache statement:
I’m not sure why they say that it was introduced in SP2 since this has been around at least since AS2K and possibly before. Interestingly someone asked me only two days about this functionality and I’d completely forgotten about it despite all the work I’ve done on cache warming recently; I assumed it had been dropped in AS2005 (perhaps it had and maybe it’s only been reintroduced in SP2?). I played around with it a lot a few years ago on AS2K and never found it had any benefit but perhaps the architectural changes have rendered it more useful… I must update my cache-warming package to make use of this. There’s also a WITH clause variant too that isn’t mentioned in the article (although it’s in AS2K BOL) which needs further investigation too.
Lastly this article also mentions a new connection string property I’ve heard about which again was introduced recently, Disable Prefetch Facts.

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  1. > perhaps it had and maybe it\’s only been reintroduced in SP2?
    Precisely ! AS2005 supported syntax of CREATE CACHE – but did nothing. SP2 reintroduced the actual functionality.

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