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What Panorama Did Next (Part 72)

I’ve been quite interested to watch what Panorama have been up to since the Proclarity acquisition, as I’m sure all you Panorama customers out there have been. Two new press releases have caught my eye, firstly:
It’s not clear to me exactly what’s being announced here. Are they talking about being able to use the new features in Excel 2007 pivot tables etc for querying BW directly, or are they building an AS2005 cube somewhere in there in between? Or are they using their own Excel addin to query BW and not using the new Excel pivot tables at all?
Secondly there’s this:
Integration with Google spreadsheets? Hmm, might be useful if Google spreadsheets ever come out of beta. How long have Google Groups been out? A good few years and I see it’s still supposedly in beta. I can’t see anyone wanting to buy or use this functionality for a while, so why build and announce it? Maybe by flirting with Google they’re trying to send MS a message…

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