Last Night’s BI Event

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who turned up to last night’s BI evening at Microsoft UK, and that I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. All the stars of the UK MS BI world were out – it was a veritable Royal Variety Show of BI – and I can see that Jamie Thomson has already managed to blog about it:
Thanks are due to Tony Rogerson for organising the whole thing, and my co-presenters Mark Hill and Simon Sabin.
I particularly enjoyed Mark’s talk about building multi-terabyte cubes and picked up some good tips for performance tuning from him. The slides from all three presentations should be up on soon so rather than paraphrase what he had to say I’ll be able to point you to the source soon. Hopefully he’ll start blogging regularly now too.
With a bit of luck we’ll have a follow-up event before Xmas. As I said last night, if you’d like to present then please get in touch…

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