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SQL2005 SP1 CTP Released

The CTP of SP1 for SQL2005 is now out:
There’s also an updated version of BOL. No idea what fixes exactly have been included though because the link to the KB article in the readme file is dead! However, for Analysis Services, I’ve heard about one potentially interesting change with solve order – see the following thread on MSDN forums for the full story:
I wonder if the ability to cache the results of MDX Script calculations is also going to be there?
UPDATE: The KB article is now up and there are lots of AS fixes in there. Here’s the link:

One thought on “SQL2005 SP1 CTP Released

  1. Chris – there could be no breaking change in behavior in service pack. Even between releases, breaking changes are rare and must be well justified. The mechanism for better control of solve orders mentioned in that thread is not a breaking change, and it won\’t affect any existing application. Besides, it is not part of SP1. Please contact me or CSS for better understanding of the nature of the change.

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