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Analysis Services, Visio and Project

While doing some browsing this morning I had a look for any new Microsoft BI-related blogs that I hadn’t so far seen (see updated blogroll – the newest are at the bottom – if you have a relevant blog I don’t list please let me know). I found some good stuff, but one there was one thing I thought deserved a special mention: Eugene Asahara on his ‘KPI Cause and Effect Graph’
I also came across the Project 12 blog which, while not really to do with BI, has a post on Analysis Service integration in Project 12:
Nice to see that other product teams inside Microsoft are adding BI functionality; I guess other ISVs who use SQL Server as their relational source must be planning on doing the same thing.

3 thoughts on “Analysis Services, Visio and Project

  1. Thanks for the link to Euege\’s blog ! He is an ex AS developer from the AS2000 days, for example whole AS2000 backup and restore – is his work. Great to see that he is not forgeting his roots 🙂

  2. Actually, we\’ve had analysis services as part of Project Server since Project Server 2002.  That said, a large investment was made in the Project Server 2007 version to give broader and more flexible analysis services capability.

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