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SQL2005 BI Metadata Samples Toolkit

Courtesy of Karen Watterson, I’ve just found the ‘SQL2005 BI Metadata Samples Toolkit’, downloadable from here:
The demo video that you can see on the page above gives you a good idea of what this set of tools and samples does: it allows you to analyse the dependencies between objects in your AS databases and/or SSIS packages. So for example in an AS database you can click on a cube dimension and it will tell you which database dimension, data source view, data source and relational tables it has a dependency on. Might be quite useful on a large project where you have many developers working on the same cube.
Note that the sample tools need to be edited so that they point to the SQL Server/AS instances you are interested in and then compiled before they will work.
UPDATE: there’s a white paper to go along with these tools which can be downloaded here:

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  1. Hmm, well it was quite old – I guess it has just disappeared from the site. I might have a copy it hanging around on my hard drive, let me take a look…

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