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Brian Welcker on Analysis Services/Reporting Services integration

I’ve been quite vocal in my disapproval of the way that Analysis Services and Reporting Services integration has been handled over the last few months, so it’s only fair to publicise a posting on Brian Welcker’s blog which is I guess aimed at answering people like me:
I don’t accept some of the points he makes, though, and hopefully by the time you read this the comment I submitted will have gone through moderation and be visible.
However I do think the fact that the problem has been addressed in this way highlights the openness of Microsoft’s development teams and the positive effect that their willingness to blog, post on newsgroups etc has on customer satisfaction. Even though I’m still not satisfied with the functionality in question after reading Brian’s post, the feeling that I’m able to express my grievances and have them heard is makes me happier than if I thought no-one at all was listening.

2 thoughts on “Brian Welcker on Analysis Services/Reporting Services integration

  1. Hi, ChrisThank for the useful blog! I agree with you that there is much to be desired in the SSRS-SSAS integration area. However, by reading your blog, I am left with the impression that you are addressing the wrong team :-)My understanding is that the MDX Query Designer is implemented by the SSAS team. So is the Report Builder semantic wrapper. The SSRS team has provided the interfaces, the SSAS team has implemented them. As you, I expect to see much better integration across the BI stack in near future. I hope that Santa will give us a good SSAS 2005 OLAP browser at last. Will see…who\’s been a good boy.

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