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Where to get the OLE DB for OLAP v9.0 Provider

The other day I was looking for the OLE DB for OLAP v9.0 Provider to install on a client machine but couldn’t find it on the AS2005 install CD (which is where it was in the June CTP, and where you got PTS for AS2000); I then found a newsgroup post stating that it was only going to be available as a separate download from now on. Here’s where you can now get it and other useful stuff like ADOMD.Net, the latest PTS for AS2000, various other OLE DB providers etc:
It’s called the ‘Feature Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005’. One to bookmark, I think.

One thought on “Where to get the OLE DB for OLAP v9.0 Provider

  1. Cool stuff. I\’m looking forward to try the .NET Data Provider for mySAP in SSIS and the Datamining Viewer Controls. I thought they won\’t publish those. I\’m glad I was wrong.PSM

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