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Free AS2005 course from MS

Seen on Euan Garden’s blog:
Free SQL 2005 courses! Including one course on new features in AS2005:
Have to download it and check it out – it looks like there’s some info there which hasn’t made it into BOL and I don’t know about…
UPDATE: if you’re trying to view this course from a machine with SQL2005 installed on it (now why would you want to do that?) you’ll find that you might get an ‘unable to initialize viewer’ error. MS Support told me how to get round this – unregister msmxml6.dll – but I don’t know what impact that will have on anything else you might be running.

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  1. Thanks you very much for your help. I tried working around that problem for 4 frustrating days. I had no problem when I had SQL 2005 Beta 2 (released in 2004) but I think the problem started when I installed the June CTP. It installs MS XML 6.0 Parser which seems to mess the viewer. Unregistering the dll works but I think MSXML6 is needed for Analysis Services, SSIS and other utilities that come with SQL Server 2005. Again thanks alot.

  2. Hey there, How exactly do you "unregister msmxml6.dll"?, Please let me know since I\’m trying to use the MELL and keep getting the "unable to initialize the viewer" error. Thanks.

  3. Here\’s the full text of what I was sent by MS Support:This problem is related to the MSXML6.DLL library. MSXML 6.0 is installed along side Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The XML Parser that is part of MSXML 6.0 seems to be incompatible with courses on the Microsoft E-learning site which require it. This problem seems to only affect specific Operating Systems. At this point, I have submitted the information on this problem to our QA team as a site defect. Until it is repaired a work around has been identified allowing you to successfully use the Microsoft E-learning courses which you are experiencing problems. The work around is detailed in the steps below:1. Close all running applications on your system.2. Go to "Start", click on "Run", type: "regsvr32 -u msxml6.dll" (without the quotes). You should be prompted that the: "DLLRegisterServer inmsxml6.dll succeeded."- Un-registering this DLL will force Internet Explorer and the Offline Course Player to use an older version of the MS XML Parser.3. Open Internet Explorer (or the Offline Course Player) and navigate to the Microsoft E-learning site. Attempt to launch your tutorial again.At this point you should be able to successfully launch the tutorial If you are alerted that the "Microsoft XML Parser 3.0, or later, is required for the viewer to operate properly….", this indicates that there are no previous versions of MSXML installed. You can download the installation file for MSXML 3.0 from the following URL:http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/9/8/d9886528-6438-4828-9094-697103203a32/msxml3usa.msi Once downloaded, run the install application, When fully installed re-launch Internet Explorer (or the Offline Course Player) and attempt to launch your tutorial again.If you notice any issues with other applications after un-registering the msxml6.dll file, you can re-register the file by clicking on "Start", then "Run" and typing "regsvr32 msxml6.dll" (without the quotes).

  4. Chris Webb sharing MS-Support information will alsoRemedy Microsoft E-Learning – Mell Viewer 2.xResolution: (select start button), select runtype in regsvr32 msxml6.dllYou should receive a dialog box indicating success.———–>By unregistering msxmld6.ddWill also fix Internet Explorer 6.0 brower error accessing Microsoft E-Learning – Mell Viewer 2.xOperating System Windows XP Professional – Service Pack 2Internet Explorer – 6.0.———>I was attempting to prepare for another MCP certification – when I receive another "software gift feature"from the Redmond, Wa VendorMicrosoft E-Learning – Mell Viewer 2.xI selected the “desktop short cut for Training Kits from the Microsoft eLearning Link”IE – responded with the following statement with a dialog boxUnable to initialize the viewer. I then removed the pop blocker setting / and enable Active-X scripts option.I then recalled installing, Visual Studio 2005 / SQL-Server 2005(free sample copy from MS Launch Event 11/17/05) in December 2005.The the beta SQL-Server 2005 / MS-Express product had now problems with training program.–Gee Chris Webb thanks for sharing…I am so happy there exist alternative operating systemslike linux

  5. How do you get RID of the "Offline Course Player" once you have it installed???
    Running it on a 750 causes too many problems.   Slows it down soooooo much and interferes with many of my other programs, like Windows Defender and AVG.
    Have tried the usual through Add/Remove, but will not uninstall.   Have disabled it by renaming folder and changing startup options.   Will restore everything once I find out the proper way to uninstall this thing.   Not sure what keys it writes and stuff.
    Microsoft site is a bust for help on REMOVING anything of theirs once it is installed and they want it to remain on your system.   Maybe nobody has ever removed it once they started some of the eCourses from eLearning.
    ANY help would be appreciated.

  6. What i did is:Unregister the dll
    Delete the instalation folder (no fear)
    Execute a "TuneUp Utilities" maintenance. It deletes any reference to the offline player in the system registry.have fun!

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