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I’m going to be giving a presentation at the 2005 PASS European Conference in May this year on new cube design features in AS2005. This will cover stuff like the new attribute-based dimension model, the new dimension types (for example many-to-many, reference, fact and role-playing) and measure expressions. Although I’ve had some experience with these features through the course of my beta testing I would be very interested in hearing from anyone else who has used them too, especially people who have tested them in real-world scenarios, so we can compare notes. I’d like to be able to get as many useful tips and tricks into my presentation as possible and avoid just rehashing what’s already in BOL! So please either leave a comment or mail me on if you can help me…

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  1. Perhaps you also could cover multiple measure groups and differences (in emulating AS2K\’s virtual cubes) between using single cube with multiple measure group and multiple cubes and linked measure groups inside database. Other topics could include handling referential integrity and unknown members, IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions, semi-additive measures etc. But probably one of the most important, and often neglected part of attribute-based dimension model – is importance of attribute relationships.

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