Two Upcoming Power BI Webinars

This is just a quick post to let you know about two webinars I’m presenting soon. First, on the 21st of June (today!) at 1pm PST I’m presenting a webinar on “Introduction to M” as part of the Power BI community webinar series; more details on it and how to register can be found here:

Second, I’m presenting a webinar with Pyramid Analytics about their on-premises BI solution and how it integrates with Power BI on the 30th of June called “The Public Cloud Is Not For Everyone”:

[Full disclosure – I’m being paid for this – but it won’t be marketing fluff, just honest discussion, similar to the webinars I did with Pyramid last year]

First Look at Pyramid’s On-Premises Power BI Integration

Attendees at SQLBits last week were given a sneak peak at the long-promised on-premises Power BI solution from Pyramid Analytics. Details are still scarce, but here’s a link to the five minute-long video that was shown:

Here’s a screenshot from the video showing a Power BI report, a Reporting Services report and native Pyramid content blended together into a single dashboard:


I have also managed to confirm one very important point: at least initially, Pyramid’s solution will only work for Power BI reports that use live connections to on-premises Analysis Services data sources (this is contrary to what I originally understood and what I said to a few people on Twitter last week – sorry). That said if you are using Power BI as a front-end to Analysis Services, and a lot of people are, this looks like it will be pretty cool.

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