SQL Server 2012 Licensing Announced

Although I’m pretty late to the news (almost a whole day!) I thought it would still be worth mentioning here that the details for SQL Server 2012 licensing have been announced:


Numerous people have already blogged about this in detail (Denny Cherry has a very good overview here); the big news from my point of view is the new BI Edition. Some people have been asking for a separate BI Edition for some time (although I was in two minds on the subject) and it will certainly have a lot of advantages: ok, it doesn’t support per-core licensing, only the server+CAL model, but in every other respect it’s the same as Enterprise Edition feature-wise so it will be a cheaper option for many BI projects. I’m a bit surprised to see Tabular didn’t make it into Standard Edition, though, which is unchanged in terms of features from SE in 2008R2 – I would have thought if Tabular was meant to bring SSAS to a wider audience then it should be positioned as the starting point for those who are new to BI; as it is only Multidimensional will be available in Standard Edition.

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