I’m Posting On The Power Query Blog Too!

In the future you’re going see me writing blog posts on the official Power Query blog as well as here on my own personal blog, and indeed the first of these posts went live a few hours ago. It’s on a new M function called Table.StopFolding which, as the name suggests, stops query folding taking place:


I’m doing this a) because I was asked very nicely by the Power Query team if I could help out, and b) because it doesn’t make sense for announcements about new Power BI or Power Query functionality, however obscure, to be made on my own personal blog rather than on an official product blog. This isn’t going to affect the number of posts here though.

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  1. Hello, Chris. I was hoping to see you use the StopFolding function after the filter, so that we could see the query stop folding after the filter; I suspect that only an actual maniac would stop folding before an easily foldable filter, but that’s just a suspicion. But will it still work as the next step after using some functions that do fold?

  2. Hey Chris, how will that affect the Google juice for your posts? I’m sure yours will be fine, but they usually ping content that appears the same on multiple sites.

  3. Hi, my question does not apply to this article, but did not know how to contact you otherwise.
    Looking for a solution to create a daily snapshot of event data from Azure to display in Power BI. The event data changes frequently (events opened today might be resolved tomorrow). Want to keep a history of every days snapshot for a month. Hope someone can guide me to a solution. Thanks.

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