New Book: “Extending Power BI With Python And R”

Back in September I posted about a few new Power BI-related books I was given to review for free; that post led to me getting sent another freebie book, “Extending Power BI with Python and R”, by Luca Zavarella (buy it from Amazon UK here). I found this book particularly interesting because I know very little about Python or R, but I also know that this is a really hot topic for many people and I was curious to know what problems using these languages in Power BI might solve.

I can’t comment on the quality of the Python and R advice (although I’m pretty sure Luca knows what he’s writing about), but from the point of view of a Power BI developer the book does a good job of explaining how using them allows you to do things that are difficult or impossible otherwise. There are chapters on regular expressions, calling APIs, using machine learning models and advanced visualisations. I haven’t seen any other books, videos or blog posts that cover these topics in such detail, so if you have some Python or R skills and want to make use of them in Power BI this book seems to be a good bet.

2 thoughts on “New Book: “Extending Power BI With Python And R”

  1. Hello Chris, just 3 months ago I wrote a self-published book ‘Machine Learning in Power BI with R and Python’ and it can be found here:
    My book was first released in spanish, later in english and soon will be in portuguesse
    Thank you

    Pablo Moreno

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