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Power BI Report Accessibility: Emulate Vision Deficiencies Using Edge DevTools

I’m not an expert on Power BI report accessibility like Meagan Longoria but I do know how important an issue accessibility is. I also know how difficult it can be to remember to check for accessibility issues when building reports which is why, when I was watching this video on new features in Edge DevTools, I was pleased to see that Edge now makes it easy to see how your report looks like when viewed by someone with vision deficiencies.

Full documentation is here but since this is a feature aimed at web developers rather than the needs of a Power BI developer, here’s a quick summary. All you need to do is open your report in Edge, hit Ctrl-Shift-I to open DevTools, go to the Rendering pane (you can find it by clicking on the chevron icon in the top menu):

The Edge DevTools menu and how to find the Rendering pane

…and then going to the “Emulate vision deficiencies” menu:

Here’s a demo of what it does:

Of course this isn’t the only thing you should be checking for regarding accessibility (see here for a more comprehensive list, for example) but having this feature built into Edge does remove a lot of the friction around making these checks.

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