A Few More Power BI Roadmap Details From The Dynamics 365 Release Notes

Back in March, with the publication of the Dynamics 365 Release Notes document (which you can download here, halfway down the page), we learned a lot about the roadmap of Power BI; my blog post here summarises the announcements. However, on Twitter Matthew Roche reminded me that it is a living document and indeed it turns out that it has been updated several times since March. So what has been added since then about the future of Power BI?

The change history section at the start helps identify what’s new in the document, but it’s not easy to tell what genuinely new Power BI features have been announced. There are plenty of changes to availability dates for sure. Here’s what little I’ve found in terms of new, interesting stuff (page numbers are for document version 18.1.2):

  • Filtering in the data view (p205) – finally! This is a really useful feature from Excel’s Power Pivot window that allows you to sort and filter the data that is shown in the data view after you have loaded data into tables in your dataset:


  • Various improvements to SAP BW and SAP Hana data connectors (p241) – I don’t think some of the details here have been officially announced yet, but I’m not an SAP person so I could be wrong.
  • Power BI custom connectors written in M will also work in Flow, PowerApps and Logic Apps (p261). This is something that Matt Masson talked about in his session at the Dublin Power BI conference too, but which I don’t think has been mentioned anywhere else. This makes custom connectors even more powerful!

Let me know if you find anything else! I’ll need to remember to check for changes to this document on a regular basis…

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  1. Drillthrough support for mobile in June…

    And this looks promising:
    July – September ’18 – Public Preview Power BI Desktop • Model diagram and navigation – An improved modeling experience that scales to large and complex data models with many tables, calculations, and other objects.

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  3. Using M for PBI is indeed great news! I have become a fan of M since the time that I became aware of & got interested in PQ (G&T), early this year. Thanks to Oz Soleil, MVP, & John of Excelonline to have initiated me into it through their webinar.

  4. Hi Chris, thanks for your interesting posting. I am interested to have a nearly real time data (no streaming) connection between D365 and Power BI. What is the best way to set this up?

  5. New updated document on 1-6, with this time a very specific comment on PowerBI & SSRS:
    “SSRS reports for Power BI Premium moved to Public Preview sometime between July and September”
    Sadly enough ONLY for PBI Premium and not PBI service… sigh.

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