Quick Tip: Working With Multiple Power BI Subscriptions/Accounts

As a consultant I frequently work with customers who want to add me to their Power BI tenant so I can publish reports, monitor data refresh and so on. However, this means I end up with many different Microsoft “Work or School” accounts, one for each customer, and signing in and out of each one can be a real pain. I use Chrome as my main browser so instead I create one profile in Chrome for each customer – it makes it very easy to switch between Power BI accounts without having to sign in and out.

For more details, see the Google documentation here:


…and here’s the blog post by James Callaghan on using this feature with multiple Office 365 subscriptions that I got the idea from:


It looks like you can do something similar with other browsers too.

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  1. I use Incognito windows to achieve something similar, but without requiring a Google account for each PBI account. InPrivate windows in Edge work as well. The limit seems to be one account per browser, at a time.

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