Are You Going To PASS Summit 2015? I Need Your Help!

This year at the PASS Summit I’m delivering a rather ambitious and risky session. Here’s the abstract:

Analyzing Audience Reaction to the PASS Summit Keynote

If you’ve been to PASS Summit before, you know that social media channels such as Twitter go wild during the keynote speeches. Many people comment on what’s being said: Some comments are positive, some … not so positive. How can you make sense of it all? Which announcements did attendees like and which ones didn’t they like? When were the attendees engaged and when were they bored? Who are the thought-leaders in the SQL Server community? Do DBAs behave differently from BI pros?

In this session, you’ll see how a variety of Microsoft tools can be used to analyze this activity:

* Use Bing Pulse to capture real-time audience feedback during the keynote.
* Use Power BI to analyze data from Bing Pulse, Twitter, and other social media sources.
* Use NodeXL to perform network analysis on Twitter data.
* Use Azure Machine Learning to perform sentiment analysis.

As you can see, a important part of this session involves using Bing Pulse (I blogged about it here) to capture feedback on the session as it happens. And this is where I need your help.

If you are attending the PASS Summit 2015 keynote on Wednesday October 28, and you don’t mind clicking a button on your phone/tablet/laptop every minute to indicate what you think about what’s being said, please leave your name and email address here:

It won’t involve much effort, I promise, nothing more than a few clicks throughout the keynote. Your individual opinions will remain private. However I do need to sign up as many people as possible from all parts of the SQL Server Family – DBAs and developers as well as BI Pros – so I can get as much data as possible, and so get some interesting insights into what you’re all thinking.


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