I’m speaking at the PASS BA Conference

I haven’t been shy about stating my support for the PASS BA conference and the associated efforts by PASS to reach out beyond its traditional audience to analysts and other power users (see here for example). I won’t bore you with my opinions again, except to say that at the third attempt I think PASS have got the balance of session topics right at the upcoming PASS BA conference in Santa Clara this April. There’s a stellar team of Excel speakers, including Mr Excel and Chandoo. There’s David Smith from Revolution Analytics, the company bought by Microsoft recently; plenty of sessions on predictive analytics; various Microsoft dev teams will be out in force; and Marco Russo and I will be speaking too. I think it promises to be a great conference, definitely not a PASS BI conference, and very different from the PASS Summit.

You can register here, and using the code BASPCHR will give you a $150 discount.

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