Vote James Rowland-Jones For The PASS Board Of Directors

I apologise for two posts in a row on PASS politics, but this will only be a short one and normal service will be resumed soon. If you’re a member of PASS then it’s likely you’ll have received an email allowing you to vote in the PASS Board elections. I’ve just voted for my friend James Rowland-Jones (aka JRJ) and I humbly submit that you should consider doing so too. Here’s why:

  • Although I resigned from SQLBits earlier this year, for a long time I worked alongside him on the SQLBits committee. I know first-hand that he’s intelligent, organised and an experienced manager. His skilful handling of the SQLBits sponsorship portfolio is one of the main reasons why its finances are so healthy and therefore why the conference is so successful.
  • He’s the only European candidate standing and is committed to expanding PASS internationally.
  • He understands the needs of the BI community within PASS.
  • Most importantly he has the diplomatic skills that the job requires. You only have to look at how he has conducted himself in the recent mudslinging over the PASS name-change and the BA conference to know this.

You can read JRJ’s full manifesto here.

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