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New Treemap, Histogram and Streamgraph Apps for Excel 2013

I blogged about the new app model for Office 2013 and what it means for BI last year, but since then there hasn’t exactly been a massive flood of new data visualisation apps. However… yesterday, I was interested to see that some new apps had been published by the Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment team at Microsoft Research. You can read all the details in this blog post:

The new apps (which are all free) are:

To test the Treemap out, I used Data Explorer to get the overall size on disk of the contents of the folders I use to store my presentation materials; I won’t go into detail about how I did it, but Erik Svenson has a great post on how to do this here. I ended up with a the following treemap:


It’s worth pointing out one cool thing about these apps: they still work when your worksheet is deployed to Sharepoint and viewed in a browser with the Excel Web App, even in Office 365!

5 thoughts on “New Treemap, Histogram and Streamgraph Apps for Excel 2013

  1. “even in office 365”
    Working in Office 365 is the bear minimum I would expect given that’s clearly where Microsoft’s interest these days.

      1. Chris Webb – My name is Chris Webb, and I work on the Fabric CAT team at Microsoft. I blog about Power BI, Power Query, SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services and Excel.
        Chris Webb says:

        I just tried that. It didn’t work, but it seemed like it wanted to work – so I’m not sure if it’s the rubbish wifi again or not. I’ll retest again when I get home.

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