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I’m sure a lot of you have seen Rafal Lukawiecki speak at BI events around the world; well, a few months ago he launched a new online training business at and I’m honoured to announce that the first video I’ve recorded for him is now live. It’s a 30 minute session on some of the basic theory of MDX (the concepts of unique names, tuples and sets), it’s free to view and it’s available here:

I’ll be recording some more MDX videos with him next year, and I’ll post again when they’re done. There are also many other great videos from Rafal, Marco and Alberto on DAX, SSAS 2012 Tabular, PowerPivot, Data Mining and other MS BI topics available which you can find here:

Hope you enjoy them! And if you’re looking for some classroom-based MDX training, the course I’m teaching in London in December still has some spaces left:

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  1. How do we get you to come on over to the States?

    Marco and Alberto’s online class was excellent, ever thought about doing that? Hint, hint…

    Great content as always and I hope to meet you in person at the PASS Summit, safe travels.

    • There are all kinds of work-permit-related problems with me doing public courses in the US, but they may not be insurmountable. I have thought about online classes too but just haven’t had the time to set one up… maybe one day. If you do see me at PASS be sure to say hello!

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