PASS Global Growth Initiatives

Earlier this year I got involved in one of the slanging matches that seem to blow up every so often about some aspect of PASS politics. I argued that PASS could only grow to become a truly international organisation if changes were made to its constitution, to ensure that all of the different SQL Server communities around the world have a say in the way it is run. I was therefore interested to read this announcement about what PASS has planned in this area:
More details can be found here:
…but if you’ve only got 30 seconds, I think these org charts showing the proposed structure of the PASS Board in the coming years (next year there would be a new “EMEA Director at Large” seat on the board with voting rights, and a similar APAC seat would be created the year after) are important:

If you’re reading this outside the US, why should you care about what PASS is doing here? I know from my involvement with SQLBits that a lot of good things can be accomplished at the national level without the direct involvement of PASS; but I also know from my involvement with SQLBits that at a certain point the benefits of international co-operation between different SQL Server communities becomes clear, and that the only body that can co-ordinate these activities is PASS. I don’t want to see PASS assume day-to-day control over every single aspect of the SQL Server community everywhere in the world and I doubt that would ever happen, but I do want to see PASS active in providing help and support to foster the growth of national SQL Server communities when it is needed and requested. I believe that can only happen effectively if PASS has an international leadership.

So if you’ve ever been to a SQLBits, a SQLRally, a SQL Saturday, a user group or any other SQL Server community event and thought it was worthwhile then I’d urge you to get involved. Join PASS if you aren’t already a member (it’s easy and free), vote for the people you think will represent your views and needs, and make your voice heard. It will benefit PASS, it will benefit your local SQL Server community and ultimately it will benefit you.