What is Microsoft’s mobile BI strategy?

My post about Sharepoint and the MS BI strategy last month generated a lot of debate; an equally hot topic is that of Microsoft’s mobile BI strategy, or lack of it. It’s something I’ve heard a lot of people sounding off about recently which is why I found the this article interesting:
Apart from a diplomatic quote from Donald Farmer in his current guise as QlikView evangelist-in-chief, the article picks up on a thread from the Microsoft BI Facebook page and perhaps tries to read too much into it…

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  1. One point the article skips but I found interesting is how MS presents RoamBI and PushBI – two completely 3rd party tools that just happen to be MS compatible – as having “partenered” with them or “benefitted from their ecosystem”.

  2. Well, I will take another swipe “reading too much” into comments posted on threads. Looks like MS is finally brewing up something on mobile BI based on a comment by Jason Volpe in the below thread announcing the launch of Denali CTP3.


    Dave, now that CTP3 is out, let’s get working on the MS Mobile BI development we’ve been talking about. I’ll email you. CTP3 has some really great functionality we can incorporate.


    Jason Volpe


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