SQLBits 9 Registration Now Open

Registration for SQLBits 9 opened today, although judging by the number of automatically generated emails in my inbox this evening this isn’t news to lots of you. While the options for the training day are available here, we haven’t yet published the agenda for the Friday or Saturday but if you look at the sessions that have been submitted you’ll see that we’ve got a great selection to choose from and you can be sure that we’ll have an extremely strong line-up.

It’s particularly encouraging to see so many people registering from outside the UK. SQLBits is already the second-largest SQL Server conference in the world, but we know there’s a massive untapped potential market in Europe of SQL Server people and it could get even bigger. So if you’re reading this in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, or Scandinavia, why not come over? You’ll have a lot of fun and who knows, you might even learn something useful!

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