Public MDX Course–London–October 26 to 28 2011

Following on from my first, sold-out public MDX course earlier this year, I’ve now organised another run in London from October 26th to 28th. After feedback from the previous course I’ve now expanded it to three days to allow even more time for practical exercises; the cost is a very reasonable (I think) £749 plus VAT. For a full agenda and to register, see:

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  1. Chris,
    Do you have plans to offer online training or have the recorded sessions available for a fee?


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  3. Chris,

    Do you planned to adress DAX in your course ?
    Or maybe an advanced MDX session with case studies ?


    • Hi Frederic,

      No, there will be no DAX, and we won’t get onto super-advanced MDX with case studies – this is really just an introductory course. We’ll get as far as scoped assignments, what they are and how to use them, but not beyond that.


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