SQLBits 8 Agenda Published

The agenda for SQLBits 8, taking place in the UK in Brighton on April 7th-9th, has now been published:

I’m speaking on the Friday – a session on scoped assignments in MDX – along with many other SQL Server experts from around the world. If you’d like to come you’ll need to register quick though, since we’ll be full soon!

Don’t forget there’s also our new event, SQLBits Insight, for CIOs, technical architects and senior IT decision makers taking place on April 7th too. The big draw is the opportunity to meet Steve Wozniak but we’ve also got some great speakers from Microsoft too, covering topics like consolidation, virtualisation and Parallel Data Warehouse. It’s a great opportunity to show the top people in your company, or your customers, all of the cool new stuff in the world of SQL Server.

3 thoughts on “SQLBits 8 Agenda Published

  1. Hi Chris,

    I recently watched the video of that “Fun with Scoped Assignments in MDX” session from SQLBits and apart from the fact that it tidied up a lot of things in my mind (I used SCOPE as a black box based on a template without really knowing what’s happening in the background) I noticed that you have a “Deploy” command icon in BIDS in the cube’s Calculation pane. I tried to put one into my BIDS but couldn’t figure out how to alter the toolbar for those panes.
    Could you please share with me how to do? It must be very simple that just slipped from my eyes.

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