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This week, the SQLBits committee (which I’m a member of) announced our new event: SQLBits Insight. It’s aimed at CIOs, architects and other senior technical decision makers who are interested in finding out what’s new in SQL Server and how it can help their business. Although it will be taking place on the first day of SQLBits, on April 7th at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, it’s a separate event and very different to anything we’ve done before since it’s aimed at a completely new audience for us.

We have got an amazing line-up of speakers for it:

  • Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Chief Scientist of Fusion-io.
  • Guy Lucchi, CTO of CSC
  • Mark Souza, head of the SQLCat team at Microsoft
  • Ross Mistry, an Enterprise Architect for Microsoft in the Silicon Valley
  • Richard Tkachuk, ex of the SSAS team, now a program manager on the Parallel Data Warehouse team

Topics covered during the day will include private clouds, handling big data with PDW, new storage technologies and more; there will also be a reception afterwards where attendees get to mingle with the speakers, including ‘the Woz’ (as apparently we should refer to him). For full details on the speakers, the agenda and how to register, go to

We’d also really like to get your help to make it a success. If you’re a fan of SQLBits it would be great if you could forward details of SQLBits Insight on to any senior IT people that you know who might be interested in attending. After all, if they come back to the office enthused about what they’ve seen it might mean some juicy new projects being started which you’ll get to work on…

Steve Wozniak will of course be sticking around for the evening to dole out the prizes at the Crappy Code Games, so if you want some free food and booze and a picture of yourself with the great man to make all those Apple fanboy friends of yours weep, then don’t forget to register for it. You don’t need to take part in the games if you’re feeling shy – you can just watch – but of course if you do that you won’t win anything!

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