Steve Wozniak comes to SQLBits 8!

Today, the SQLBits committee made a really big announcements about SQLBits 8: we’ve got Steve Wozniak coming! Yes, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and tech industry legend will be coming by virtue of his current job as Chief Scientist of our platinum sponsor Fusion-io. If you want to meet him and have the chance to win some seriously cool prizes, you’ll need to come to one of a series of events we’re running in conjunction with Fusion-io called “The Crappy Code Games”, a competition where DBAs and SSIS developers will compete to write the worst-performing code possible. There will be qualifying events in Manchester on March 17th and London on March 31st, and the third qualifier as well as the grand finale will be in the evening of April 7th at SQLBits in Brighton. Prizes include:

  • Gold: A hands-on, high performance flying day for two at Ultimate High plus Fusion-io flight jackets
  • Silver: One day racing experience at Palmer Sports where you will drive seven different high performance cars
  • Bronze: Pure Tech Racing 10 person package at PTR’s F1 racing facility includes FI tees, food and drinks.

…plus iPods, Windows Mobile phones, X-box 360s, t-shirts and much more.

If you want to take part you’ll need to register, and since places are limited we suggest you do so fast; it’s also worth bearing in mind that you’ll have a better chance of reaching the final if you go to the London or Manchester qualifier. For registration for the games and more details (and to kill some time playing a cool retro game) go to: Note that registration for the games is separate from the main SQLBits registration.

UPDATE Simon has a lot more information on the event here:

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