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Microsoft BI Indexing Connector

Just seen this on the Sharepoint BI blog, the Microsoft BI Indexing Connector:


From the blog post:

With this new Indexing connector, users have a dedicated Report tab where they can find the reports they are looking for, use refiners to further narrow their searches, and even get a preview of the report before opening it in the browser or client…

…In addition to discovering the documents, the MSBIIC will also crawl the data sources revealing items that are not necessary in the report itself but critical to the user’s discovery and as part of the refiners.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft BI Indexing Connector

  1. It looks like this isn’t supported in Sharepoint 2010 Service Pack 1. Is there going to be something that supports this same functionality going forward? We use reporting services in integrated mode and we want to be able to search the RDL’s to see what tables and columns are being used. We’d like to do the same for Excel spreadsheets and cubes.

  2. Project Barcelona is not longer alive, it has been moved into another piece of technology (Reliable Source @ MS). The exact development is still confidential at this stage until later this year. In the mean time, I am not 100% sure to understand why discontinuing a product when no replacement is offer to customers.

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