SQLBits VI in the bag

Wow, another SQLBits is over, and in my opinion it was the best yet. I know I always say that after we’ve done one, but this time we broke our attendance records (I think the official figure was 425 people, more than 50 more than the next highest attendance we’ve achieved) and everything went very smoothly indeed. We even escaped relatively unscathed by the volcanic ash problem: only one speaker couldn’t make it because of the flight cancellations, amazingly, although several European attendees were grounded and a lot of people will be having an unplanned weekend break in London right now. After his flight got cancelled, Bob Duffy got his pregnant wife to drive him overnight from Dublin so he could speak – that’s what I call dedication to the cause!

A big thank you goes to all my fellow members of the SQLBits committee, to all the volunteers who worked so hard on the day and the night before, to all our sponsors and to everyone who turned out and helped make the day such a success. Now, where shall we go for the next one? And how am I going to get to Germany next week for PASS Europe?

UPDATE: and if you did come to SQLBits, please fill out our feedback surveys online –
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4 thoughts on “SQLBits VI in the bag

  1. Hi, Chris,It was great to see your presentation at SQLBits, it definately gave me some food for thought 🙂 Between yourself and Ashwani, you have shown me the basics of how to start tuning My MDX.Cheers,Barny

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