SQLBits V Summary & Thanks

Another SQLBits – the fifth! – has come and gone, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped to make it such a success. It was a three-day event for the first time this time, which meant that there was even more organisation work needed, but looking back I think it all went extremely smoothly and was by far the slickest conference we’ve put on so far. My colleagues on the organising committee, Simon Sabin, Martin Bell, Allan Mitchell, Darren Green and James Rowland-Jones, are a great bunch of people and it’s always a pleasure to work with them on SQLBits even if it does take a big chunk out of our spare time. Thanks are also due to the speakers and sponsors, without whom the event would not be possible, and I’d also like to highlight the people who volunteered to help out doing unglamorous things like stuffing the attendee bags and room monitoring – Rachel Clements, Jon Reade,  Gary Short, Rachel Hawley, Richard Douglas, Luke Hayler and many others.

If you came to SQLBits I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did enjoy it please let everyone know by blogging and twittering about it. Please also join the SQLBits groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and if you’ve got any pictures of the event why not post them on the latter?

Anyway, it’s time to crack on with some real work and deal with the big pile of emails that has built up over the last few weeks. I’ve missed a whole bunch of big announcements I would otherwise have blogged about but I’m sure you’ve caught them elsewhere… I must get round to downloading and installing the latest Powerpivot CTP etc.

See you at the next SQLBits!

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