PASS Summit 2009

I’m currently waiting to board my flight to Seattle for this year’s PASS Summit, so I thought I’d give a quick plug for my session “Designing Effective Aggregations in Analysis Services 2008”, just after lunch on Wednesday. Unfortunately I’ve been scheduled against several other interesting SSAS sessions, so all I can say is go to mine and watch the videos of the others later!

I’ll also be hosting a table on ‘Performance Tuning MDX’ at the Birds of a Feather Lunch on Tuesday, so if you’d like to come and have a chat then please join me. And if you see me wandering around anywhere, however stressed/tired/drunk I might look, by all means say hello…!

2 thoughts on “PASS Summit 2009

  1. cool~your article about performance tuning really help me a lot!and chris, can i ask something about the performance counter of analysis service? in two of my win server 2008(x64) and my own win7(x32) pc, when i add any of the msas 2008 performance counter, they show me no data. i dont know what happened. the instance column of these counters are \’–\’, meaning no instances. i dont know if that is what it supposed to me if you can. a lot thanks!!

  2. Hi Kevin, I don\’t know what\’s happening here, sorry – probably the best thing to do would be to post the question on the MSDN forum and see if somebody else knows…

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