Announcing SQLBits V: SQLBits Goes West, 19th-21st November 2009

Yes, it’s time to announce the next SQLBits, and this time we’re going to Newport in South Wales. It’s going to be a three day event, taking place from the 19th to the 21st of November: the first day will be pre-conference seminars, the second day(a Friday) will be a day of SQL2008 and R2 content for which we’ll be charging a modest sum, and the third day will be the usual free Saturday event. We’ll be holding it at the Celtic Manor Resort, where the 2010 Ryder Cup will be held, so make sure you pack your gold clubs…

The Friday is a bit of a departure for us, but don’t worry, we won’t be turning SQLBits into just another paid-for conference. The formula for Saturday will be the same as ever but we have always been aware that there are a large number of people who simply can’t attend a conference on a Saturday. Since we don’t have the cash to run a free two-day conference, we reasoned that the people who would be interested in attending on a Friday are also likely to work for companies who can pay for training; in return for the cash, we’ll be providing a more structured set of sessions presented by well-known speakers.

Anyway, all the details we have at the moment are at:

Conference registration isn’t open yet but put the dates in your diary! If you register yourself on the site we’ll be able to send you regular updates. And of course, if you’re interested in sponsoring SQLBits then please let us know.

PS as a tribute to our location, Martin Bell has the announcement in Welsh on his blog:

2 thoughts on “Announcing SQLBits V: SQLBits Goes West, 19th-21st November 2009

  1. The Saturday is always worth it. I wonder what we could see on the Friday that we don\’t see on the Saturday?Is it the Same?

  2. No, not the same – but it\’s a good question to ask (and one we need to make sure we\’re answering clearly in our marketing). The speakers and the sessions on the Friday will be pre-selected, so they will be of a higher quality and with a clear theme running through them. Some of these speakers will not be speaking on the Saturday and there will be no overlap of content between the two either.

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