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Metadata? Complex Event Processing?

In part one of today’s ‘Interesting BI-related stuff I saw on the web today’ posts…

After MDM finally reared its head, it seems like Microsoft is working on some kind of metadata tool as well:
More news later this year apparently. Interesting comment:
”He did disclose that Microsoft’s still-percolating metadata management effort will encompass both its MDM and search assets.”

AND it seems like Microsoft is entering the Complex Event Processing market:
Since other CEP vendors support some kind of OLAP on top of their data (eg SQLStream/Mondrian, Aleri) I wonder if Microsoft have a story for SSAS and CEP?

UPDATE: more details on MS CEP here:

2 thoughts on “Metadata? Complex Event Processing?

  1. Perhaps you were thinking of SQLstream. I\’ve not heard of anyone getting Mondrian running on top of Streambase, but Mondrian certainly interoperates with SQLstream. (Not surprising considering I am architect of both.)SQLstream can populate fact tables, dimension tables and aggregate tables in the data warehouse underneath Mondrian, and gives Mondrian a constant stream of updates about which parts of its cache need to be refreshed.

  2. Yes, you\’re right – I was getting confused between them. I\’ll update the post accordingly… Interestingly I\’ve since had confirmation that there are no current plans for any specific integration between SSAS and the new SQL Server CEP; I still think it would be useful to have.

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