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I’m hosting a webinar for Panorama

As I’ve mentioned, my recent thoughts on client tools (see here and here) have prompted a lot of interest around the Analysis Services community. One result is that Panorama have asked me to host a webinar for them where I get to sound off about the state of the client tool market before they show you their latest stuff. Yes, I’ll be paid for it but I’m not going to be promoting their products directly (I feel like I need to justify myself!), just repeating my standard line that if you want to do anything serious with Analysis Services you should at least check out the range of third-party client tools available rather than stick blindly with what MS gives you – and given that Panorama are the largest vendor of third-party client tools for Analysis Services, they deserve to be on the list of tools to check out. Here’s the link to sign up for the webinar:

One thought on “I’m hosting a webinar for Panorama

  1. HI,
    I have been using Panorama nova view for 4 years.unfortunately in the last 2 years they haven’t improved it as much as I hoped.
    It is still does not work on 64 bit, the GUI is not easy for users and needs to be updated (it shows hierarchies as dimensions) , It does not supportreports on nun olap data source and ech…
    I hope that now that it is known that Microsoft is not going to make any move
    In this market in the next 2-3 years Panorama will make the necessary changes to becomethe leading client tool on the market.   

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