Site-Specific Browsers and Reporting Services

Thinking more on the subject of Chrome and web-based BI, my lunchtime browsing today brought me to the topic of site-specific browsers, something I’d not come across before although it’s been around for a while. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about them:

There are quite a few site-specific browsers out there but the Bubbles web site does a good job of showing off the kind of thing that’s possible:

Here’s a thought: wouldn’t it be cool to have a site-specific browser for Reporting Services? Just think of the ways you could improve the user experience: launch RS direct from the desktop, always have it available in the system tray, better support for parameter display and selection (this would be a key feature), make it easier to add corporate branding to the interface, the ability to save and then organise local copies of reports and then compare different versions. Maybe you could even have some basic report design capabilities? The list is endless. There’s a business idea here for someone with a bit of JavaScript knowledge…

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