SQLBits and my training day

And before I disappear off on my hols for a few weeks, can I remind you that SQLBits is happening on September 13th and that you really ought to be there? We’re just about at the stage of finalising the sessions (and we’ve got a great BI track lined up) so check for more details!
As I mentioned before, Allan Mitchell and I will be doing a 1-day pre-conf seminar the day before (September 12th) on the Microsoft BI stack:
It’s an introductory session, so if you’ve got colleagues who want to get a good overview of what BI is and what you can do with the MS tools in this area, then send them along.

2 thoughts on “SQLBits and my training day

  1. Your training day class sounds really good.  Unfortunately, I live in the states.  Maybe the boss will let me go to Europe for the day.  Ahhhh, probably not.  Are you guys going to "capture" the content of that training session at all?  Based on your agenda, it seems like it would give me a context for alot of information I\’ve been reading trying to get up to speed on BI.

  2. Probably not, I\’m afraid, but if you search around you\’ll find there are a lot of webcasts (especially from MS) that contain similar content.

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