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Microsoft buys DATAllegro

Woweee, great news: Microsoft is buying the DW appliance vendor DATAllegro! This is big, big news for Microsoft BI and I am super-excited. Curt Monash has a few posts that explain why this is so big on his blog:
See also:
I’ve long wanted to be able to stick Analysis Services in ROLAP/HOLAP mode on top of one of these MPP babies, and maybe now I’ll get the chance. Potentially in the long term we might get MPP MOLAP too, which would be even better…

One thought on “Microsoft buys DATAllegro

  1. This is huge!  I hope this translates into updated products and solution quickly. It would be sad for this to dissapear for too long before resurfacing. Working with SSAS over Teradata is do-able but no picnic. I\’m looking forward to an enterprise solution like this that can take on Teradata at a (hopefully) reasonable price point.

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