Microsoft BI Conference 2008 session list now posted

You can see the session list for this year’s BI Conference here:

Looks good. Hmm, wish I could go to this and PASS, but I just can’t justify the expense and the time…

4 thoughts on “Microsoft BI Conference 2008 session list now posted

  1. Technical content seems to be substantial this time around. Did I miss the "Chalk-Talk" topics – or will they be published later?
    Then there\’s this Donald Farmer session with an intriguing description – of a brand new BI product, perhaps?
    New Horizons for Microsoft Business Intelligence with Self-Service Technologies

  2. I\’m speaking at PASS, so I get free entry – that\’s what made me go for PASS! But I\’ve since found out that Mosha will be doing his MDX deep dive 1-day seminar as a pre-conf at PASS, which is an absolute must-see.

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