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A while ago I blogged about making the decision on whether to attend the Microsoft BI Conference or PASS. Well, the decision has been made for me: I forgot to submit a session abstract for the BI Conference but got my session accepted for PASS, so it’s PASS I’m going to. You can see all the content on the BI track at PASS here:
I’ve never been to one of the big PASS summits in the US before so it’ll be quite exciting.

My session is called "Creating an SSIS, SSAS and SSRS Monitoring Solution with SSIS, SSAS and SSRS" – basically how to build a BI solution that allows you to capture and analyse the performance and usage of your BI solution using your favourite Microsoft BI tools. It’s a topic that people have tackled bits of in the past but I want to be a bit more ambitious and demo a full, end-to-end solution. If anyone has any thoughts or tips to offer on what I should be showing then please leave a comment!

Meanwhile I see that the Microsoft BI Conference still hasn’t published its agenda. To me this is poor marketing – how can you make a decision to attend a conference without seeing the agenda? It’s like going into a restaurant without seeing the menu.

3 thoughts on “PASS 2008 Summit

  1. Hi Chris,I have a suggestion for your pass session – easy and usefull ;  when installing Proclarity server, each access to the reports are stored in the eventlog file . Using wmi in ssis, you can query is and display the reports usage in a cube…Good luckFrancis

  2. "how can you make a decision to attend a conference without seeing the agenda? It\’s like going into a restaurant without seeing the menu." – hmm, so maybe they\’re thinking viral, word-of-mouth model, based on the buzz generated by attendees of last year\’s conference  – right 🙂
     – Deepak

  3. Chris- I know how to see who ran which report and when, but where do I find details on which reports, subscriptions, etc. are created, moved, or deleted?  Is this detail in the event log or Report logs?

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