New release of the Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project

After months of procrastination, there’s finally a new release of the Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project available here:
Thanks to Darren Gosbell for doing the build and tidying up the wiki. Several of the new features have already been blogged about here and on Darren’s blog so I won’t go into too many details, but there’s a lot of cool new stuff there to enjoy. My favourite is Greg Galloway’s CreatePartitions function that allows you to automatically create partitions with slices based on the members of an MDX set – great for creating proof of concept cubes; his functions to dump AS memory and disk usage information are also impressive. Darren’s XMLADiscover class contains a load of useful stuff, particularly the ClearCache function which clears the cache on a database or a particular cube. There’s also some stuff that hasn’t even been included in the project yet but hopefully will be soon, so stay tuned…

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